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Want to learn to dive and get certified on a schedule that fits your needs? Then private lessons are for you.

Ski and Scuba Connection offers private lessons in scuba diving. We can arrange to do your open water certification dives in the clear, warm waters of the Florida Keys...there is no better place to dive, anywhere. The reefs are abundant with a wide variety of marine life and coral that will dazzle you. Classes can be scheduled at your convenience to fit your schedule.  You can also learn to dive at home, if you have a pool or access to water.

You can also do part of your training online via elearning .



PADI offers their Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox) and rescue Diver class online. Rather than spend time in a classroom, the academic portion of each course is completed online at your own pace and on your own schedule.

eLearning is designed to be convenient and easy-to-use. You will be able to access eLearning anywhere you have a PC with an Internet connection. Also, you will be able to complete eLearning entirely on your own schedule--there are no class times or places to meet. eLearning will keep track of your progress, and you can begin again where you left-off last time.

eLearning utilizes multimedia and communications resources available on the Internet to enhance the experience of learning how to dive. This includes multimedia content, such as pictures and video clips, links to more-detailed explanations of relevant information and instant feedback on quizzes and tests. eLearning will challenge you to master course material. Through lessons and evaluations, you will deal with the information in eLearning much the same way you would with the traditional dive courses (taught with a workbook). As with traditional classroom dive instruction, passing scores on quizzes and tests will be required to complete the current eLearning program.

Throughout your eLearning experience, you will have contact with Ski and Scuba instructors. Our instructors will have access to your test information, and they will be able to offer feedback and advice where needed.

For those seeking initial scuba certification via Open Water Certification, following the completion of the academic sections, we will help you select your personal diving equipment and start with the confined water diving sessions.  With the new skills that you have acquired, we will then schedule the Open Water dives to complete the certification process.

For these seeking certification for AOW, Nitrox or Rescue Diver, you complete the academic portion online at your own pace. Once completed, give us a call to schedule your certification dives.

If interested in enrolling in elearning, please click here.

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