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Advanced Open Water Certification



OK, now you are a certified diver. You have acquired the skills and information you need to be a safe and competent diver, but you may not feel that you have the level of comfort you want to be able to go off and start diving on your own.  In the Advanced Open Water (AOW)  Certification class you will get 5 more dives with an instructor and dive masters, where you will be introduced to Wreck diving, Deep diving, Night diving, Search & Recovery diving by searching for a lost object and have practiced advanced Underwater Navigation.


Studies have shown that divers who have 9 dives under their belt (AOW Certification) are more likely to continue diving, whereas divers with only 4 dives (Open Water Certification only) are less likely to be as active a diver.  Our PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course is designed to fit immediately after completion of your PADI Open Water Diver Course, or at any time thereafter.


Typically we conduct the AOW classes in conjunction with travel.  We want you to experience the full flavor of the AOW training, and diving on a rusty car in the bottom of a local quarry in 20 foot visibility, in freezing water, is not the same as visiting a 100+feet ship wreck in warm blue water.

The Advanced Open Water (AOW) Certification is 5 more dives (Navigation, Deep, Night, Wreck and Search & Recovery) with your instructor that will introduce you 5 different types of diving. This is a hands-on class, watch a video, read a section about the dive, discuss the type of dive and then go do it!!! (NO TEST REQUIRED!)

Do you want to feel more comfortable with your diving and experience 5 new types of dives?  If so, sign up for the next Advanced Open Water Certification Class and complete more pages in your log book!

The cost for Advanced Open Water Certification is $ 195 plus boat fees -(travel, lodging, food and transportation to dive site are not included).

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