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Light Cannon 100 New High Intensity Discharge (HID) illumination technology allows this dive light to emit three times more light per watt of battery power than standard xenon or halogen lamps. As a result it shines farther and produces a beam as white as the Sun. Use it in or out of water. Beam adapters included for video lighting Retail Retail $350 Your Cost $300



Rated No.1 overall by Diving Science and Technology (DSAT), the SEA-DOO® SEASCOOTER VS SUPERCHARGED is the ultimate dive propulsion vehicle. Built around portability and performance the VS SUPERCHARGED combines maneuverability and power with convenience. With variable speed the VS SUPERCHARGED delivers two levels of thrust for a speed of up to 3mph/4.8km/h down to 100ft./30m. With the VS SUPERCHARGED you save air, stay down longer and get more fun out of diving at a price that won't break the bank. Retail $599 Your Cost $499



Ocean Master Flex Dry Snorkel Dont let water flood your snorkel again. The exhilarating absolutely dry Ocean Master Dry Snorkel is 100% dry. When you come up for air a pressure release valve automatically opens the airway allowing you to breathe. Water never gets in. Aerodynamically-designed air passages within the snorkel enhance breathing. Extra features include high air volume capacity soft flexible barrel and the exclusive Ball Joint Mouthpiece for 3-D mouthpiece positioning Retail $49 Your Cost $41.65


Ptero Ready v2_0.jpg

Pterodactyl backplate/harness system. Simple one piece harness with no failure points! The backplate is the "platform" to which all other equipment is mounted…either directly or indirectly. A well-designed backplate can greatly enhance a diver’s equipment management. And, equipment management is a CRITICAL ASPECT of any dive when many pieces of equipment are being carried. Comes with Lifetime Limited Warranty from Critical Aspect. Your Cost $390

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