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Technical diving


Technical diving has become a popular sport with divers looking to go that bit deeper, for that bit longer and see that little bit more in a safe way.

Technical diving involves significantly longer durations than average recreational scuba dives and thus requires specialized equipment and training.


On this page, Ski and Scuba Connection showcases some of our suppliers of equipment for Technical Diving.





The Liquivision X1 represents the cutting edge in technical diving computer technology. It has been called “the iPhone™ of dive computers” for its intuitive tap navigation, readability, compact size and open software platform, which come together to deliver an incredible diving experience. While the X1 is designed for technical divers, it is fully functional as a recreational or nitrox computer and offers the same enhanced diving experience.







Try the Pterodactyl backplate/harness system. Simple one piece harness with no failure points! The backplate is the "platform" to which all other equipment is mounted…either directly or indirectly. A well-designed backplate can greatly enhance a diver’s equipment management. And, equipment management is a CRITICAL ASPECT of any dive when many pieces of equipment are being carried. Comes with Lifetime Limited Warranty from Critical Aspect. Your Cost $390



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